About Ideatech

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Ideatech Group Ltd. was first established in 1985 in Hong Kong in the name of Ideatech Industrial Ltd. as manufacturer of electronics item. We started to work for customers on OEM basis until the early 90, at which we developed different "core technologies" and built a series of product around them to form our own standard product lines. We have a total manufacturing workforce of over 400 people in China, and a team of professional product designers, hardware and software engineers, technicians, production and quality engineers in both Hong Kong and China to offer a full line of service on product development.

Ideatech Industrial Ltd. was transformed into the present-day Ideatech Group Ltd. in 1997. We have a factory in Guangzhou, China. We are open to any co-operative proposals from the customers in product development. For the details of product development and OEM Manufacturing and Technology Transfer, please read the product development flow chart and the related information.

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